The living-lab Wikitoki, situated in Bilbao, Spain, aims at a cultural change that includes the change of “soft technologies” such as modes of relationship, organization and creation.  New forms of co-creation and collaborative practices should enable citizen empowerment, social justice and the common good.

Currently Wikitoki is working on different initiatives that facilitate networking, research, the creation of synergies and free access to information.  One of their main projects is the spaces and resources exchange network “Red de Intercambio de Espacios” (RIE) ( This means that Wikitoki offers a platform for local initiatives to help them profit from each other.  The network consists of physical encounters as well as an online platform, where the participants can exchange resources or spaces they have to offer or are in need of.

Wikitoki itself is an association composed of a group of organizations and people of diverse character with the “co-“ as common bond.  As the aim is to develop and prototype new forms of collaboration and governance, the current practice is constantly being questioned and modified. That means that the way of working itself is understood as a prototyping process including the modification and recombination of different formats like work groups, cooperatives or assemblies.

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